Simplicity + Immediate Impact = Magnificent Outcomes

You’ve come to the right place.  Bucketfillers For Life is the original bucket filling-based character education program for children and adults. All of our programs are based upon the bucket filling metaphor and the philosophy of emotional intelligence.

What is a Bucketfiller?

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You will realize positive, immediate, and lasting results through our assemblies and workshops for students, educators, and parents.  Our age-appropriate programs are uniquely designed and presented to leave indelible impressions on both children and adults.  Whether your school’s focus is on our powerful approach to anti-bullying that we call pro-empathy and pro-kindness, further developing a culture of respect, or improving classroom management, we will bring about immediate positive change.  Check our list of “bucket filling schools” and the associated testimonials.

First, a simple geography question:

Are you located East or West of the Mississippi River?


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"Our bucketfilling assemblies and workshops have been some of the most impressionistic initiatives we have undertaken! Our students have learned how to articulate and share their feelings with others using positive communication, they know how they can make a difference in someone’s life every day with their words or actions, and they have openly shared what they’ve learned with their families and loved ones! We have received touching compliments and letters of thanks from parents about the “amazing conversations that occurred between their children following these assemblies”. Coupled with a positive school-wide behavior plan that we implemented last year, Bucketfilling has now become part of our school culture. We will continue to host workshops each year to maintain this positive energy in our school community."

LouAnne Pisha, Principal
Crissman Elementary School
Utica School District
Shelby Township, MI
“Thank you for sharing your talent and helping to bring an awareness to Westwood of how powerful it can be in our everyday lives to think positive, act positive, and strive to fill people’s buckets instead of dipping. The students have been talking about your presentation on the playground and in the classroom for weeks. They loved it!”

Julie Vaz, Vice Principal, Westwood Elementary School, Stockton, CA
“Our bucketfilling day with Kelly Nickel was an overwhelming success. Kelly’s visit enabled our school to re-embrace the reasons why building positive relationships is so important. The highlight of the day for me was the parent workshop held after school. Kelly did a terrific job of equipping approximately 40 Pinewood parents with the language and tools necessary to bring the bucketfilling message into the homes of our families. Thank you Kelly!”

Brent Malicote, Principal, Pinewood Elementary School, Pollock Pines, CA