Simplicity + Immediate Impact = Magnificent Outcomes

You’ve come to the right place.  Bucketfillers For Life is the original bucket filling-based character education program for children and adults. All of our programs are based upon the bucket filling metaphor and the philosophy of emotional intelligence.

What is a Bucketfiller?

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You will realize positive, immediate, and lasting results through our assemblies and workshops for students, educators, and parents.  Our age-appropriate programs are uniquely designed and presented to leave indelible impressions on both children and adults.  Whether your school’s focus is on our powerful approach to anti-bullying that we call pro-empathy and pro-kindness, further developing a culture of respect, or improving classroom management, we will bring about immediate positive change.  Check our list of “bucket filling schools” and the associated testimonials.

First, a simple geography question:

Are you located East or West of the Mississippi River?


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Note! The BFL Headquarters and Eastern Region phone number has been changed: The new number is 810-333-3917

“Kelly, I want to personally thank you for your visit to Bethune, you enthusiasm was just the surge we needed! It is so beneficial to have another person from outside the community present the ideas in a different voice and in a different way. I thought your style, the content, and the message was very engaging and worth every moment of our attention. I really appreciated the assemblies and then the workshops that helped the students SEE the ideas in action. Your treatment of some of the more nuanced behaviors (like exclusion, name-calling, etc.) were excellent. Thank you so much for doing this important work!"

Kaleb Rashad, Principal, Mary McLeod Bethune Elementary School, Moreno Valley, CA
"My 6th grader came home today and wrote the most beautiful examples of why he loves and respects his little brother. I’m not sure what kind of event you had at school today, January 28, 2009, but this truly is the most amazing experience we had at home in a long time. I just wanted to take a moment to say that it was great. My boys fight like siblings do, some days more than others. Today (my son) wrote about (his brother). (His brother) listened with tears in his eyes, sensitive to the fact that his big brother really does love him. I have to say that this is one of the most memorable events experienced at Crissman. Totally awesome! Thanks."

A Grateful Parent
Crissman Elementary School
Utica School District
Shelby Township, MI
“Hi Kelly! I just wanted to say thank you again for everything last week! We have received more positive comments than ever before on any program!”

Kaity Heath, District K-8 PE Coordinator, Senita Valley Elementary School, Tucson, AZ