Simplicity + Immediate Impact = Magnificent Outcomes

You’ve come to the right place.  Bucketfillers For Life is the original bucket filling-based character education program for children and adults. All of our programs utilize the bucket filling metaphor as a tool for developing social-emotional intelligence.

What is a Bucketfiller?

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You will realize positive, immediate, and lasting results through our assemblies and workshops for students, educators, and parents.  Our age-appropriate programs are uniquely designed and presented to leave indelible impressions on both children and adults.  Whether your school’s focus is on our powerful approach to anti-bullying that we call pro-empathy and pro-kindness, further developing a culture of respect, or improving classroom management, we will bring about immediate positive change.  Check our list of “bucket filling schools” and the associated testimonials.

First, a simple geography question:

Are you located East or West of the Mississippi River?


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Note! The BFL Headquarters and Eastern Region phone number has been changed: The new number is 810-333-3917

““Kelly Nickel did a fabulous job sharing the BucketFiller message to our student body. He was engaging, funny and thought-provoking. Our students came away from a full day of events with a better understanding of the need to be caring and empathetic with each other. We would have Kelly back in a heartbeat!”

Karen Alati, Character Counts committee chairperson, Lake Grove Elementary School, Lake Oswego, OR
“Thanks again for coming to Kohl, the impact on our school was immediately noticeable. Parents approached me the next day wanting more information because their children came home talking about filling buckets. Below are some comments from the teachers about the programs and the staff development: - I thought it was great, both the assemblies and the PD. Kelly is really good at what he does. - It was definitely worthwhile and gave me some good ideas for the future - The best part is that we can immediately use this in the classroom without much more instruction - I thought Kelly was humorous and positive and I enjoyed his presentations - I LOVED IT!!! Thank you for bringing this into our building, and I hope we can have another one next year - I really liked the assembly and found the after school presentation for teachers inspiring

Eric Warneke, Counselor, Kohl Elementary School, Broomfield, CO
“Thank you Mike for visiting our school and sharing so many awesome bucketfilling ideas with our students. Your presentations were engaging and beneficial to all of our students and staff members. You definitely filled many buckets here!”

Teresa Simmons, Principal, Arrowhead Elementary School, Phoenix, AZ